Bimolecular reduction of 9-alkyl-3-nitrocarbazoles

Kyzioł, J. B. Bimolecular reduction of 9-alkyl-3-nitrocarbazoles Chemical Papers, Vol.61, No. 5, 2007, 398-404

Document type: Článok z časopisu / Journal Article
Collection: Chemical papers  

Author(s) Kyzioł, J. B.
Title Bimolecular reduction of 9-alkyl-3-nitrocarbazoles
Journal name Chemical Papers
Publication date 2007
Year available 2007
Volume number 61
Issue number 5
ISSN 0366-6352
Start page 398
End page 404
Place of publication Poland
Publisher Versita
Collection year 2007
Language english
Subject 250000 Chemical Sciences
250300 Organic Chemistry
Abstract/Summary Reduction of 9-alkyl-3-nitrocarbazoles (Ia–Ie) with lithium aluminium hydride gave corresponding 9,9′-dialkyl-3,3′-azocarbazoles (IIa–IIe) in moderate yield. By the action of zinc dust in alcohol and aqueous alkali on I or II, 5,13-dialkyldiindolo[3,2-a,d]phenazines (IIIa–IIId) were obtained. Parent compounds, viz. 3,3′-azocarbazole (IIf) and diindolo[3,2-a,d]phenazine (IIIf) could not be obtained in these ways. Compound IIf was obtained in Vorländer reaction and IIIf by thermal decomposition of 3-azidocarbazole. Formation of IIIa–IIId is explained as a result of ortho-benzidine rearrangement of hypothetical 9,9′-dialkyl-3,3′-hydrazocarbazoles.
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